Here at, we are dedicated to designing and fabricating dual-sport motorcycle luggage racks that make it possible for you to bring your gear with you, whether you're commuting, moto-camping, trail riding, or adventure riding anywhere in the world.

Our racks are designed with safety in mind, so you won't find sharp edges that can injure you if you fall off. Our rear racks sit flush with the seat whenever possible so it won't hit your lower back if you slide off the motorcycle.

All of our racks are rugged and guaranteed against breakage. If you break one (no one has), you get a free replacement. Period!

We use only high quality A2-70 stainless steel socket head bolts and hardware for all of our products.

We also do custom fabrication. If you need changes made to any of our racks,  just E-mail us or give us a call. 

Our product line:

NEW!Yamaha WR250R Luggage Racks 
Suzuki DR 650 Luggage Racks   
Suzuki DRZ 400S Luggage Racks
​Suzuki DRZ 400E Luggage Racks
Kawasaki KLR 650 Luggage Racks
Nelson-Rigg Adventure Dry Saddlebags and Tail Bags

RotopaX  Products

Mule Pack Panniers

Hard Case Attachment Kit   

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Wolfman Luggage

Free shipping on Saddle Bags and more.

 In Stock and ready to ship.
5% off all Rotopax Products

In Stock and ready to ship
Tough top loading panniers that hold 28 liters each

In Stock and ready to ship
Attach any flat backed hard cases to our racks.
Our Yamaha WR250R Side Racks will be in stock on Tuesday Sept. 29th!
We'll have 32 sets ready to ship, so get your order in today!

Our other models are now shipping approx. 2 weeks from date of order!
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All of our Side Racks now have the new low profile strap retainers designed to hold all Wolfman Saddlebags!