I got the rack and installed it in five minutes - nice design work. I added an agri-tool-tube and my Wolfman Enduro bags and they matched up great. Thanks for making an excellent product at a very fair price! - Queenstown, MD
Tom, I got the rack and it is even better than expected. Great job, thanks. -Roy 
Just a plug to say this is a great deal for a great rack. It is well designed, well made, and it has just the right features. I'm loving mine... - Out West
Hi Tom,
Thanks for taking the time to make the rack for my KDX.. it fit perfectly.. and looks good on the bike. It was great to be able to carry extra premix while riding the Hatfield McCoy trail system

I have a few pictures, can i email them for you to post on here? i dont have a photo hosting site

Thanks again for a great rack.

I ordered a rack on 7/6 and received it 7/12. The rack looks to be very well made and a like the personalized instructions. Installed the rack today and used an cheap $12 tool bag from my local army surplus store to hold essentials. Used butterfly nuts to make it easy to change out. 

Thanks Tom! - Bend, Oregon
Also, ordered and received the 400 DRZS rack - mounted up using the included hardware. Works great with an old Pelican top case. - SW Missouri
Ordered my rack on Saturday, received it on Tuesday. Looks great, solid construction. Pics to follow soon. Now i just need those side racks to mount the 1gal rotopax fuel and water on- East Tennessee

Your beta version is still going strong........been across the US and back.....upside down and on its side a few times......just a few scrapes!

Been on my DRZ since June of 2011!

Glad you are still making them!

You might as well have the best, and these are it. These are hand-fabricated, welded and checked for fit and finish by a single craftsman who cares deeply about his job. They just plain work. Tom has a deep knowledge of what a rider needs, and his work tells the story.

These may be the best value in US made racks available. Get 'em before they're gone. Too many superb builders have dropped off the planet because the effort to put out and promote a superior product and compete with all the price-point product proved too much. I compare these to Filson clothing. They are not fancy. They are well-built, from proven material with traditional methods. They'll last a good long time, and if there's a problem it will be taken care of.- Tim in Vermont
​Hey Tom,

Wanted to let you know that I used the racks with pelicans last weekend. Worked perfect! Did 600miles of road and dirt roads.
Ive been commuting with the racks and cases every day since I received them. They are holding up very well!
No problems at all! -Adam

Hey Tom,
Just wanted to say the racks are great! ! even tested them dumping the bike onto its side fully loaded on a class 4 mudhole in VT! No breaks or bends. Bike was on its side resting on pelican with rear wheel in the air.
They are solid!!
Thanks for a great product!!" -Adam
I highly recommend these racks!
They are durable, well built and offered at a great price!

They work for soft bags and or hard cases.
I mounted Pelican 1520's to mine and have been very pleased!

Thanks for a great product at a great price Tom! - NHWR


Your E-model system is gorgeous. I've got an S-model (with a subframe of course) myself but if I had an E, I don't think I've ever seen anything else that could compare. At any price.

To take such a capable bike and make it travel-ready in this manner essentially makes it a whole 'nother bike (for the better!) And without having to BUY another bike.

Good luck with this project!

​I have one of Tom's DRZ-400E racks on my "E".... I have crash tested it several times now and no problems at all!
Yesterday I used it to take my chainsaw out on the trail.
Good job Tom!- NC
 I have Tom's rack on my 09 DRZ SM with the Rotopax mount. Tom also added some additional hooks on the bottom for bungie hooks. The rack is made very well, mounted easily, and has held up through many rides, and crashes. It was particularly nice to deal with Tom as we emailed back and forth prior to the build discussing ideas and he ultimately built the rack adding my requested hooks into his design. -Jim

I'd like to announce that Tom's DRZ-E Adventure Rack has been (un)officially Trans-Labrador Highway tested and (very much) approved! It stood up to the Great Canadian Washboard without complaint, and handled an impressive load of gear, spares, food, tools, and fuel. It's certainly due for a re-spray as parts of it have been worn shiny, but everything else held up beautifully under some pretty abusive conditions.

The top rack mounting loops were perfect for the Twisted Throttle Dryspec system, and the side racks worked well to support some Motopak panniers. I would have liked to splurge on some Wolfman bags; maybe next trip! I will definitely have to invest in a Rotopax setup as well to make full use of Tom's awesome rack.

Tom was super helpful in listening to my feedback on issues with mounting the rack and incredibly responsive with advice, including how to fix my damaged subframe (that JB Weld is pretty awesome stuff!)

Thanks again! Look for a full RR coming in the near future with more details from the trip. - SPST, Boston South Shore 
These are the goods, people! It's the only complete adventure rack system I am aware of for the E model. With a few modifications (talk to Tom), they can be made to mount the Givi E21 hard bags, which gives a nice, economical weatherproof solution for hard luggage without breaking the bank. The E21s will also not break your leg in a fall as readily as some of the sharp-edged hard cases.

Needless to say, they also adapt to a wide variety of soft bags.

This is a fantastic price from an excellent fabricator working in the USA. Help a fellow rider out! -Cman
I received my top rack a few days ago. Haven't mounted it yet but it's definitely a stout piece. Holding it up to the bike, it looks like it'll drop right into place without any bending/grinding or other 'special fitting techniques'.

Will post pics once it's mounted up. -RS in Salt Lake City

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